6-Inch Supersole

Men's Style 8133
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The 6-inch Classic Moc is synonymous with Red Wing Heritage. The boot's unmistakable moc toe and Supersole form a silhouette that sets the standard by which all others are measured.

Leather Black Chorme
Outsole Supersole
Construction Supersole
Last 326
Width D
Leather Type Full Grain, Oiled
Hardware Nickel Eyelets
Shank None
Resoleable Yes
Country of Origin Made In USA
SGD 388.00
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SuperSole is a shoe sole construction method developed and patented by Red Wing in the 1970s. At that time, there was a significant shift towards cost reduction and the use of cement construction (a method of attaching the sole to the shoe body with adhesive) within the American work boot industry. Amidst these changes, Red Wing developed the SuperSole construction to create durable shoes at a relatively low cost without compromising the quality of traditional construction methods.

The SuperSole construction process is similar to the Goodyear Welt construction up until the point where the welt is stitched to the upper (shoe body before the sole is attached) and the midsole. Instead of stitching the sole to the welt in the subsequent sole attachment process, the shoe body is set into the sole mold, and foam urethane is poured in, securely molding around the welt stitched to the lower part of the upper. This results in a robust shoe comparable to Goodyear Welt construction, allowing the use of high-quality oiled leather that cannot be used with cement construction (the oil content in oiled leather weakens the adhesive effect of the glue used in cement construction).

?Furthermore, the foam urethane sole offers excellent grip, wear resistance, and cushioning properties, resulting in lightweight, durable shoes with high cost-performance. The use of Poron, a low-resilience urethane material, instead of leather for the midsole has gradually become the mainstream for Red Wing's work shoes, and it continues to be adopted in footwear for the global work boot market, including the United States.

The #8133 is based on the widely worn moc toe work boots #204 from the 1980s-90s in the United States, created using the SuperSole construction method. For the Japanese market, it features the highly regarded Black Chrome leather in Japan.

About 6-Inch Supersole

Black Chrome leather has a thick coating, which makes it less prone to losing its oil content compared to other oiled leathers, reducing the need for oil application. It is sufficient to occasionally apply a thin layer of Mink Oil or All Natural Leather Conditioner to areas where scratches occur. If you want to apply oil-based care products to the entire surface, use a small amount on a dry cloth and apply it very thinly. Oils can also dissolve dirt on the leather surface, making them suitable for cleaning.

The coating on Black Chrome leather can be polished to produce a shine using cream. If you want to bring out the shine, boot cream is recommended. Since the leather is dyed black to its core, there is little need for touch-up coloring when scratches occur, making the versatile "Boot Cream/Neutral (colorless)" suitable for any leather color. However, "Boot Cream/Black" can also be used. After applying a small amount of boot cream (about the size of a few coffee beans) to the entire surface, polish it with a soft cloth or brush.

In addition, regular brushing is effective in preventing dirt and mold build-up on the boots. Use Red Wing Brush to effectively remove dust and debris.


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