8-Inch Classic Moc

Men's Style 877
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The 8-inch Classic Moc is an iconic boot in the Red Wing Heritage line, renowned for its rugged durability and timeless style. This boot is built with the same materials, process, and quality as the original 1952 version, making it a testament to Red Wing's commitment to craftsmanship. The Oro Legacy leather used in the boot is a proprietary blend of oils unique to Red Wing, which highlights the full-grain texture of the leather without any added pigments.

Leather Oro Legacy
Outsole Traction Tred
Construction Goodyear Welt
Last 23
Width D
Leather Type Full Grain, Oiled
Hardware Nickel Eyelets
Shank None
Resoleable Yes
Country of Origin Made In USA
SGD 518.00
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Red Wing introduced the TracTred sole in 1952, featuring a flat, white, cushioned sole for their men's hunting boots. This sole was used for the 8-inch #877 boot. After its release, the boot gained great popularity not only among hunters but also among workers across America. The sole made for quieter footsteps, was less prone to collecting mud, and was comfortable to wear while climbing ladders, beams, or walking on stone and wood surfaces in construction sites. The design also included a stitch-free area near the sole to prevent water from seeping in, a tongue that was sewn up to the ankle to prevent mud or water from entering, and a moc-toe that hunters had long preferred for its practicality and comfort, which also made it suitable for work sites.

The exceptional functionality of the #877 remains effective even when worn in contemporary urban settings. The cushioned sole ensures comfort during extended periods of walking, while the lack of stitching around the foot adds to its wearability. To this day, the #877 pattern (the design of the leather components before sewing) remains unchanged, a testament to the shoe's enduring perfection since its debut.

As the best-selling boot among Red Wing's line-up, the #877 can be considered a quintessential American shoe. Much like jeans, which evolved from workwear to a symbol of American fashion, work boots have become representative of American style.

From its launch in the 1950s until the 1990s, the #877 featured brown oiled Aurora set leather, which underwent several color changes over time. In 2014, the leather reverted to the original oil-rich, orange-brown hue, resulting in the current Oro Legacy leather. Chosen for its particularly smooth grain, the leather showcases a natural texture, as it is only dyed after tanning without any grain painting. The more you wear the boot, the more character it develops, enhancing its overall appeal.

About 8-Inch Classic Moc

When the leather surface is dry, apply a thin layer of Mink Oil or All-Natural Leather Conditioner. After 30 minutes later, wiping off any excess oil with a dry cloth. Oro Legacy leather is not painted at all but only dyed, the color of the leather will become slightly darker after application, however, it will gradually return to its original color.

In addition, regular brushing is effective in preventing dirt and mold build-up on the boots. Use Red Wing Brush to effectively remove dust and debris.


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