Modern - Style 8085 IRON RANGER Men's 6-Inch Boot In Copper Rough & Tough

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The Iron Ranger is a beloved American icon, renowned for its distinctive style and durable build. Featuring a toe cap, speed hooks, and Vibram® outsole, this leather legend is instantly recognizable.
Leather Copper Rough & Tough
Outsole Vibram® 430 Mini-Lug
Construction Goodyear Welt
Last 8
Width D
Leather Type Full Grain, Oiled
Hardware Nickel Eyelets And Hooks
Shank Steel
Resoleable Yes
Country of Origin Made In USA
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The Iron Ranger is a term that refers to the miners who worked in the iron ore mining region called "Iron Range" in northern Minnesota, where Red Wing Shoes is located. They wore cap-toe boots, which had a single piece of leather added to the toe to protect their feet. These cap-toe boots were named Iron Ranger boots.

This cap-toe design was widely adopted for work boots in the early 20th century, and looking at Red Wing Shoes' catalog from 1910, out of the 37 work boot models featured, 33 were cap-toe designs. As time passed and the steel toe became the standard safety shoe design, cap-toe boots began to decrease in popularity. However, some steel-toe boots retained the cap-toe design until the 1990s as a feature for toe protection and reinforcement. The refined cap-toe design that has been passed down to today is the Iron Ranger.

The last used for the Iron Ranger is the 8 last, which is widely used in Red Wing's round-toe boots. The spacious design of the work boots is comfortable to wear. The Vibram #430 Mini Lug sole, known for its grip, is used for the outsole.

The #8085 Copper Rough and Tough leather is a variety of nubuck leather produced by carefully buffing the grain (leather surface) and incorporating oil and wax. This leather boasts a unique uneven texture and wrinkles introduced during the shoe finishing process, giving it a two-toned appearance. Boots crafted from this material radiate a rich, well-worn allure as if they have yet to be worn from the beginning.

About Modern - Style 8085 IRON RANGER Men's 6-Inch Boot In Copper Rough & Tough

Copper Rough and Tough leather undergoes buffing and processing to achieve its distinct texture. The buffed grain absorbs oils more effectively than untreated grain, so using oil-based care products can eventually darken the leather. Moreover, the wax content in these products covers the surface and eliminates the original rough texture of the leather. To prevent this and maintain the leather's original texture, apply a thin layer of Leather Cream instead of any oil-based care products.

Leather Cream is an emulsified cream containing a small amount of oil and water, but it lacks the wax content found in general oil-based care products and emulsified creams. This makes it ideal for moisturizing leather without affecting its oil resistance. After applying the cream and allowing the leather surface to dry for some time, use a Nubuck Cleaner Kit to brush the entire leather surface and restore its rough texture.

Copper Rough and Tough leather is rich in oil and wax, so it doesn't require frequent maintenance. However, if you notice the leather surface becoming dry, please perform the aforementioned care routine.

In addition, regular brushing is effective in preventing dirt and mold build-up on the boots. Use Red Wing Brush to effectively remove dust and debris.


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