One Of The Reasons Why Red Wing Is Called "Lifetime Product" Is Its Extensive Repair System.

Leather that deepens the taste the more you wear it, a design that will not fade over time, and painstaking craftsmanship that has been handed down in our own factory in the United States. In addition to these, another reason why Red Wing is said to be a "lifetime product" is that you can wear it for many years by replacing the worn out sole. In addition to replacing soles with genuine parts, it is also possible to re-sewn stitches, re-attach eyelets and hooks, etc. Requests for repairs are accepted directly at directly managed stores and Red Wing stores. If it is difficult to come to the store, it is also possible to receive it by shipping. Please check the contents of this page carefully and proceed to the button at the bottom of the page.



If the wear of the outsole has not reached the midsole, it is recommended to replace only the outsole. If it is reduced to the midsole, it will be an all sole replacement (replacement from the midsole). Please check here for outsole replacement that can reduce the burden on boots as well as the amount .


Traction Tread Sole

Red Wing's original sole, which has been used in many Red Wing shoes since it was adopted in the "Irish Setter" in the 1950s, and has been highly evaluated for its high functionality and comfort. The thick sole made of foam rubber material is lightweight and has excellent cushioning and arch support. In addition, the flat bottom with no arch allows for stable walking even on rough road surfaces.

Cushion Crepe Sole

Since its adoption in 1952 as the predecessor of Traction Tread Sole, it has been used in work shoes such as Red Wing work boots and "Postman Shoes". It has most of the same features and functions as the traction tread sole, but features a simpler tread pattern designed with durability in mind.

Vibram Lug Sole

Since it was developed in the 1930s by Italian mountain climber Vitale Bramani (founder of Vibram), it has been highly evaluated as a sole that provides reliable grip in the outdoors, and is still used in many shoes today. . There are those where the sole and heel are separate and those where they are integrally molded, but Red Wing uses the latter.

Vibram Logger Sole

A sole for logger boots jointly developed by Red Wing and Vibram around 1980 based on the Vibram Lug Sole. Since the 1960s, Red Wing has been using Vibram lug soles with high heels for logger boots. The sole was improved and made into a heel integrated type.

Beckman Sole

For the Beckman boots, which were made in the image of Red Wing's founding period (early 20th century) shoes, the leather sole that was the mainstream at the time was used as a base, and the rubber half made by Vibram was preset. It is a sole made.

  • * Please check here for notes on replacing only the half sole and replacement from the previous specification urethane sole.

Grocode Medallion Sole

he grocord sole, which was often used by Red Wing in the 1920s and 30s, was an epoch-making sole at the time, in which pieces of cord (string) were mixed with rubber and molded to prevent the sole from slipping.

  • * Replacement of only half soles may result in replacement of all soles depending on the condition of the soles.
  • * Because only the front side is replaced, there will be seams to the original stitches on both ends of the newly sewn stitches.

Grochord King B Saul

Developed in the 1920s, the Glocord King B sole was one of the few soles that could provide high grip in the outdoors before the Vibram Lug sole was developed. It was used for shoes worn in outdoor sports such as golf and hiking, and was highly evaluated. Reprinted in 2018 by Red Wing with the cooperation of Vibram USA.

Nitrile Cork Sole

Cork soles, which are made by mixing pieces of cork into a rubber material that is highly resistant to oil, were the mainstream of work boot soles in the 1950s to 1970s as sturdy and easy-to-use soles. This sole features a piece of cork visible on the side of the sole. The cork pieces are mixed in to reduce weight and improve slip resistance, but the sole is heavy and sturdy.

Vibram #430 (Mini Rug) Sole

Vibram's rag sole pattern developed for outdoor use is combined with the sole for work boots to enhance grip on slippery road surfaces. They are thinner and lighter than nitrile cork soles and contain no cork fragments. A sole that gives a clean impression.

Neoprene Cord Sole

Red Wing's original sole developed in the 1980s as a sole that inherits the tread pattern of the Grocode King B sole used by Red Wing in the 1920s to 1950s. Made of highly durable rubber material against oil and chemicals, it was used for work boots used in harsh conditions. Currently used for engineer boots.

Chemigum Cork Sole

Red Wing's original sole used in some Pecos boots from the 1960s to the present. It is made of the same highly durable rubber material mixed with cork as the nitrile cork sole. It's thinner and lighter than a nitrile cork sole, and features a tread pattern on the underside of the Red Wings logo.



Precautions For Sewing Repair

  • The stitches at the beginning and end of sewing are doubled.
  • The pitch may not match the same position as the original needle hole, and it may be misaligned.
  • Reinforcement may be required depending on the condition of the shoes.
  • Although we will use leather that is similar to the one used in the original shoe, there will be a color difference in the repaired area.

Frequently Asked Repair Questions

Can Red Wing Heritage Flagship Store Singapore repair any other brand of boots?

No, we only repair authentic Red Wing Heritage boots & products. If you need repairs for your Red Wing Heritage boots & products, you can bring them to our shoe store located at 277 Orchard Rd, #04-16, Singapore 238858. For specific questions about your boot style and repair options, please contact Red Wing Heritage Flagship Store Singapore at +65 6702 6128 (Mon - Sun, 12pm - 9pm GMT+8) or reach out to our Contact Us page.

I Have A Pair Of Red Wing Heritage Boots, However, I Don’t Have The Product Code. Can I Send The For Repair? And, Where Should I Send To?

Yes, you can send the boots to Red Wing Heritage Flagship Store Singapore located at 277 Orchard Rd, #04-16, Singapore 238858. Or, you may contact Red Wing Heritage Flagship Store Singapore for specific questions about your style of boot, whether the boots can be repaired. The phone number is +65 6702 6128 (Mon - Sun 12pm - 9pm GMT+8)